Spiritual Guidance

Transforming Love offers many different one-on-one prayer-counseling sessions. Sometimes what’s needed is spiritual guidance for a big decision; pastoral counseling for a hurting relationship or a spiritual dilemma; or healing prayer for a physical or emotional wound.   Transforming Love Ministers trust Holy Spirit to lead and guide each prayer session.  Sometimes what begins as teaching and training time, ends in a healing prayer session – and vice versa.

The ministry of reconciliation is an important part of Transforming Love.  We believe each us needs to be reconciled to God and, as fully as possible, reconciled to one another.   We believe human beings were created for relationship and too often real friends are hard to find. One-on-one mentoring meetings can often help provide discipleship that may not occur as naturally as it should in our culture. 

For information about meeting with a Transforming Love Mentor, contact us by email.

feedback from those we’ve helped…

 “Something happened this morning that I just had to share with you. I get the Sunday paper each week. This morning, the cover story was about an immigrant woman who was sexually assaulted in downtown Cincinnati. In the past I would have been so upset by just the headline that I would not have been able to read the article.  The headline alone would have haunted me for days.  Not this time. This not only was I able to read the article, but I was not affected. I felt empowered in the spirit to go to the place of intercession for the woman. I prayed that God would allow NO hiding place for the evil in the man who raped her, but that police would find him.

It felt so FREEing to respond not in fear out of wounding or a fractured self, but rather in faith in the power, love and justice of our Father. Thank you for walking me through this. I love you and I cherish what God is doing through you.  It is well with my soul.”  –  DA – Indianapolis, IN

“I have tried several counselors…seeing them faithfully and following their advice, and all three told me to consider relationship options that I knew God wasn’t calling me to. I was asking these counselors for help with how to posture my heart, and they were telling me ‘do’s and don’ts’ The Lord worked out a time for Diane and me to meet for five days – and as we counseled and prayed and cried and remembered – Jesus taught us new insights, Diane spoke truth into my heart, and the Spirit led us through real forgiveness and a healing of traumatic memories. I am experiencing a sense of newness and cleanness, which gives me a place to posture my heart so I can walk this relationship out the way God is calling me to. Thank you Jesus for using Diane. Thank you Holy Spirit for giving her the tenacity to stick with it for so many hours. Thank you Father for holding my heart.”  ST – Toledo, OH

  “I wanted to share some fruit with you from our one-on-one meetings. I’ve definitely had a change of heart regarding my faith in God, especially in the area of finances.  For the first time ever, I feel at peace knowing God is indeed capable of supplying all of our needs!   I know I mentioned that even when we were in a position of having much, I still had fear of not having anything.  I believe this was a spirit of poverty that followed me my whole life.  In the past, this manifested in me hiding money and being very stingy–being fearful that I will make stupid decisions and never feeling secure.  I felt I did not deserve to be provided for and that if God did bless me, he would only let me have it so long before he snatched it away.  As I’m reading these things, it sounds so silly to me, but I know these are the things that I have hidden in my heart that the Holy Spirit is starting to reveal them.  So, I made a conscious effort to begin to pray scripture regarding asking for things, receiving the promises, etc.–I am using some of the material from Charles Capps–and I am finding my heart really changed.  I have a sense of peace about this.  

Last week we had a major unplanned expense that I was a little stressed about, but I knew it was something we needed, so I just did it, trusting the Lord to provide.  In the back of my head was the nagging thought that we had wanted to take a weekend trip with the kids this spring and what we had set aside for that would just about cover this expense, but I did not give into that fear that the Lord was incapable of providing for both.  The very next day we received a huge financial gift! I am very excited about the Lord’s provision, but I’m even more excited about the change in my heart!  Instead of just saying He will provide, it actually for the first time in my life feels like truth, instead of just some empty hope that someone is going to snatch away.  

Our last meeting was great for me–I have been praying and examining my motivations, where I have manipulated to gain love,  which is basically what I’ve spent my entire life doing. THANK YOU for not being afraid to say the hard things and speak the truth.  I know there is much more the Lord needs to do in my heart regarding this situation, but I know that He is at work.  I am going to start praying through the prayers you gave me as well–specifically the ones on forgiveness and control.”  CD – Cincinnati, Ohio

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